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'08 Endorsements

Here is a partial list of those who endorse the re-election of Dr. Roseann Mikos for Moorpark City Council in 2008.

Please VOTE for Roseann Mikos for Moorpark on your absentee ballot, or on Election Day on Nov. 4, 2008.

(If you would like to be added to this list, please email us with your approval to use your name for an endorsement.)

Fran Pavley, State Senate Candidate (District 23) and Former MUSD Educator
Dr. Clint Harper, Moorpark Arts Commissioner; Former Moorpark Mayor and Councilmember; Former MUSD School Board Member
Joseph F. Catrambone, Moorpark Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Ron LaGuardia, MUSD School Board Member

Mindy Yaras, MUSD School Board Member
Dr. Gabino Aguirre, Santa Paula City Councilmember and former Moorpark Community High School Principal

John Lane, Former Moorpark Mayor and Councilmember
Bernardo Perez, Former Moorpark Mayor and Councilmember
Leta Yancy, Moorpark’s first Mayor
Gary Cabriales, Former MUSD School Board Member
Scott Pozza, Former Chair—Moorpark Planning Commission

Steve Bennett, Ventura County Supervisor and Co-founder of SOAR
Richard Francis, Co-founder, Save Open-space and Agricultural Resources (SOAR) movement and Co-author of all SOAR measures (county and city); former Mayor of Ventura
David Schwabauer, Moorpark Rancher
David Weinstein, Moorpark resident and Moorpark College Math Professor

National Women’s Political Caucus of Ventura County
Save Open Space--Santa Monica Mountains

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 721
Ventura County Star (NEW: October 29, 2008)

David and Maureen Anderson
Gene Beijer
John and Lorraine Beley
Anthony and Anna Bellisario
Diane Bentz
Karen Bill
Rueben and Karen Bouvet
Steven H. Brown
Rose Marie Catrambone
Ellen M. and William D. Estrada
Paula Giles
Robert and Joyce Frank
Guy and Jeanne Gullo
Sharon Harper
Christopher Harvill
Tim and Michelle Harrington
John and Caroline Herberger
John and Margaret Kirnig
Dr. Timothy S. Kneebone
Donna Lacour
Joneane Loria
Laura and Paul McCarter
Thomas D. and Joan McKenzie
Paul Magie
Patricia Mann
Michael Mars
Larry J.  and Debbie Miller
Ron and Doris Miller
Kathy Morgan
Vicki and Larry Moore
Dawn and Roger Mortara
Janet and Dave Murphy
James and Bonnie Myers
Marilyn Nash
Tony and Audrey Nelson
Sharon Noel
Lawrence Older
Millie Peskay
Anna Pozza
Bill and Carolyn Poleri
Maurice L. Powell
Bette Ann Reed
Jeff Richards
Lydia Rodriquez
Rebecca Rodriguez
Tim Saivar
Jack and Lisa Schwartz
Suzanne Themeli
Jim and Diane Thompson
Lori Thoreson
Donna Velcoff
Pierce Verleur
Jolanda Verleur
Jou Ming West
Kerry and Suzanne Wilson
Tracey Wymond
Joseph G. Zepf, DDS

(Partial list…)


Moorpark passed a strong Moorpark SOAR to save open space and agland because of what ONE and only one candidate—Roseann Mikos—did to make it happen.


Without Dr. Mikos' leadership, persistence, and vision, Moorpark would not have any meaningful open space protection.


Dr. Mikos has been a consistent voice FOR the environment, while also supporting quality new business establishments in Moorpark, like the Moorpark Marketplace.  Dr. Mikos was instrumental to helping to bring the Moorpark Marketplace (Kohl’s, Target, etc.) to our community,


Our city CAN be BOTH business friendly, and environmentally friendly.  Re-elect Dr. Mikos and she will continue to work hard to support these two complementary goals

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Dr. Roseann Mikos
Moorpark City Councilmember, 2000 - 2016
Mayor Pro Tem, 2002; 2006; 2010; 2014

Moorpark, California • 805-529-3216


Website created on April 20, 2000 by Dr. Roseann Mikos; last updated on October 13, 2014
Paid for by Roseann Mikos for Council 2012: Committee ID# 982461

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